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The hardest men in football for the last forty years. The knuckle men, the slipper merchants, the knock out kings. This is the vision that has been laying hidden in Seven's vaults. It is the ugly, brutal face of the game. It is the tape the AFL didn't want you to see. Hosted by Rex Hunt, it is a cavalcade of the biggest, baddest and meanest names in the game. Ditterich, Dickosn, Balme, Muir, Krakouer, Brereton, Dipper, Carey, Carman and co.. A who's who of the tribunal's favourites. From the black and white days of the early sixties through to the full colour of today. This is in your face, relentless and at times terrifying. Biffs, Bumps and Brawlers..They are all here.

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